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Industry Success Relies on Planning and Strategizing

In today's marketplace, you have to have a firm understanding of how to utilize technology to remain competitive. The team at SHG works with you to develop competitive strategies that improve your corporate performance. We want you to use your existing high-tech tools to build a successful operation.

Your Business Will Thrive

Our Senior Advisors specialize in providing Board and C-Level "virtual business development" services to growth businesses on a defined project or success fee basis. Click on the following links to view sample documents related to the services that we offer:

Develop a Foundation


You have to start somewhere to reach your ultimate corporate destination. We assist you in developing business and financial plans that make sense to investors such as:

  • Helping to Evaluate Technology Strategies
  • Defining New Pricing, Product Marketing, and Channel Strategies
  • Finding New Reference Customers and Channel Partners
  • Identifying, Recruiting, and Structuring Deals for New Investors

Additional Client Services

  • Increase Revenues
  • Increase Profits
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Market Segmentation
  • Sales Force Strategy
  • Product Launch Design
  • Channel Strategy
  • International Partnering
  • Licensing/Franchising
  • Overall Operational Review
  • Best Practices
  • Competitive Costs
  • Payments Strategy
  • Outsourcing Economics
  • Supplier Management
  • M&A Valuation
  • Negotiation Support
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Building a Playbook
  • Investor Recruitment

The Support You Need

Our Senior Advisors are ready to step in and help out as project managers, strategy advisors, or "virtual business developers." For more information, call us at (516)721-1452 or email us.